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Keyless Entry

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Keyless Entry

With changing times, technology has moved at a lightening speed in almost all our spheres of life. Security system and auto accessories are no different. Keyless entry to our vehicles is the latest fad that all of us would love to have. This electronic equipment gives you access to your vehicle without using the traditional mechanical key.

While a simple press of a button can lock all the doors of your vehicle, a press of another button can unlock all. It works well within a certain range which may be any where between 5-20mts.

For keyless entry in to your vehicle get in touch with us at the earliest – we assure you the latest and the safest equipment. We will give you a demonstration and install for you within minutes at reasonable rates as well. We guarantee you warranty and any fault in the system will be dealt with urgency and sorted out at the earliest. You can shop for them at our local auto accessory shop.