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Automotive Window Tint

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Automotive Window Tint

Automotive Window Tint – a necessity!

Many of us spend good part of our day in car, be it driving to work or for our daily chores. Therefore, tinted glass almost becomes a necessity. It keeps the car cool and comfortable and avoids the ultra violet rays as well that may be harmful if over exposed to.

Automotive window tint can be done on your own or by the experts. Whether you choose to get it done or do it on your own keep in mind a few points that will help you to have the very best at reasonable rates – high technology, premium quality, clarity and the perfect look that compliments the car and you!

  • Blocks over 99% UV Rays from the sun
  • Blocks over 75% of Heat
  • Blocks Over 90% Glare
  • Protect Interior from fading
  • Enhance the Privacy

Do your own research through be well informed and be sure of all the various types of window tint available in the market. Make your decision based on your budget and needs. . You can shop for them at our local auto accessory shop.