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Windshield Repair Cost

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  • Windshield Repair Cost

Windshield Repair Cost

While at Hurricane Auto we ordinarily attempt repairs before opting for replacement to reduce the financial burden on your pockets, there are times when given the size, type and exact location of damage that replacement becomes the most logical and safe option

Whatever the nature of service, the cost of such service depends on the following two factors, namely,

1. Whether repair is possible or replacement is the only option?

Read more about whether windshields have to be repaired or replaced. Please call us for price info at 713-941-1391.

2. Whether you have auto insurance that covers damage to glass?

If you have auto glass coverage and your windshield needs to be repaired then the entire service is free of charge and it doesn’t affect your premiums

If on the other hand you require replacement, then the cost is covered by the insurance company and you might have to pay the deductible, if any but this again does not affect your premium

If you do not have insurance coverage and require repairs, then the lowest cost of repair is $50 and if you need replacement, then it largely depends on the kind of glass you require. Get an Instant Quote on cost for replacing your windshield, side windows or back glass.