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Auto Glass Replacement

Have you been the victim of vandalism? Or just bad luck on the freeway? Or accidentally broke your auto glass? At Hurricane Auto we understand that you need a auto glass service on your Car, SUV or Trucks that you can trust. To come to you quickly and to get you back on the road with a safe installation.

We have In-store auto glass service. We replace windshields, door glass, vent glass, quarter glass and back glass. Our goal is to get you back on the road with a safe installation using quality glass, materials and workmanship.

The windshield plays a vital role in the safety of your vehicle. When choosing a company, to replace your windshield you should be aware of the Safety Issues at stake, before you make your decision. At Hurricane Auto our first priority is your safety.

Before you make an appointment for an auto glass replacement be aware of the following:

All Auto Glass is not the same

There are 3 broad categories of windshields.

Original Equipment Manufactured

(OEM or Factory glass). This is from the same manufacturer that supplied the factory when the vehicle was made. It is considered the highest quality possible, as it is made under strict conformance to standards laid out by the vehicle manufacturer.

Factory Equivalent

This glass is the same high quality as the OEM but is classed as equivalent only because the glass is not supplied directly to the car manufacturer. The price is less expensive than OEM without sacrificing on quality.


This glass is made by domestic or overseas companies that are not approved to supply any car manufacturers during production. Their quality is not considered as high, but the price is less expensive than both OEM or Factory Equivalent

Differences in Glass Quality

While there may be some small variation in the thickness of the glass between the Generic and OEM; this is not the main quality factor. The main difference is how well the windshield fits your vehicle. The windshield is not flat. It has a shape, curvature and specific size. Some of the generic windshields do not fit perfectly and may need some extra effort on the part of the installer to fit your vehicle. However all windshields installed by Hurricane Auto are safe and pass federal regulations.

What Type should You Choose

Despite that quality differences between the categories of glass, most people will not notice a difference. So your choice depends on a number of factors. Is the car your pride and joy? Will you be selling it soon? At Hurricane Auto we recommend OEM or factory equivalent windshields, simply because the price difference is not great enough to even consider a lower quality generic windshield. The difference is usually only $25-$45.

For a Free Instant Phone Quote, Call 73-941-1391. Now we can tell you more about the different qualities of glass for your vehicle, and give you a quick estimate. Plus we’ll let you know if a repair is an option.

Do you have insurance that may cover the cost of the replacement? Not sure? Call us. Our friendly customer service team will advise you of the lowest cost option.

Call for a hassle free experience. You’ll get friendly service with a smile. When replacement is required, the installation time will depend on the adhesive used and weather conditions plus the thoroughness of the installer. Be sure to ask the installer to provide an estimate, including the amount of time a vehicle needs to sit before it is safe to drive again.

Don’t have insurance?

If your insurance policy does not cover glass damage, don’t worry – we can still help. For a quote for your Windshield Replacement, Side Windows and Back glass relcement call us at 713-941-1391