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Insurance Related FAQs

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  • Insurance Related FAQs

Insurance Related FAQs

Whom should I call first – Hurricane Auto or my Insurer?

If you call us first, then we can check your insurance and process your claim with the insurance company. However, if you call the insurance company first then you will have to do the entire process for adjusting your claim. Moreover, it may be possible that you will not really get our services as it depends on the insurance company. However, if you want our services, then you should clearly state in your claim to the insurance company that you want our services.

What type of damages to Auto Glass does insurance cover?

All kinds of damages to Auto glass are covered by insurance, which covers not only windshields but all kinds of vehicle glass. While the comprehensive section covers damages due to hazards and vandalism, the collision section covers road accidents.

Does making an Auto Glass claim on my Comprehensive insurance increase the rates?

while this is a question that you should ask your insurance company, it has been seen in the past that insurance companies normally do not adjust insurance rates on the basis of comprehensive claims, more importantly, they cannot.

How do I start the process of making an auto glass claim?

Call our customer care representative on 713-941-1391 and we shall take your claim forward

Do I have to pay or will you claim the bill directly from the insurance company?

in order to ease your burden, we usually process your claim and get paid by the insurance company. However, if there are any deductibles then you will have to pay those at the time of our service. In case you find the deductible too high, then do not worry as we can work out a plan by which the entire repair will not cost you a dime.

Which are the insurers that waive comprehensive deductible when windshields are repaired instead of being replaced?

While most insurers waive comprehensive deductibles for repairs, it is advisable to contact us on 713-941-1391 and we will help you find out about your insurer’s policies with respect to repairs, without putting any obligation on you.

Is Hurricane Auto a participating vendor with insurers, at least most of them?

The answer is yes and we have a good standing with most insurers and their networks and are a participant in their networks. However, if you want our services, then you will have to clarify it to your insurer as rival glass companies will also be on their lists.