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General Questions

Why should I use Hurricane Auto?

We are experts in the field of Auto glass repair and replacement and have several years of experience. Moreover, we use quality parts and have expert technicians working on your job, which has a lifetime guarantee, something which no other company promises. Total value for money is our theme and therefore, we strive to do our best.

Is Crack Repaired?

At Hurricane Auto, we believe in providing excellent service that does not burden your pockets, which means that where repair is possible, we choose it as our first option instead of going directly for replacement, which is expensive.

What are the different situations where repairs are possible?

If your damage is a chip, which is the size of a quarter or a crack which is not bigger than 8 inches in length then repairs are possible. Moreover, if you are quick to report an accident to your windshield on the freeway, where you are hit by a rock, then it is easy to repair.

What are the situations where repair is not possible?

When the windshield is struck by a golf ball or anything bigger than that, then repairs are not possible and replacement is the only option. Moreover, where the crack is bigger than 8 inches or where they are not single line cracks, then replacement is the only option. However, when the crack is 8 inches long, even if it curves, it can be repaired, provided it is a single line crack.

Can you please explain the entire repair process?

once the appointment is scheduled by Hurricane Auto, a technician from our side will inspect the car for possibilities of repairing the chip and go over the options with customer and conduct the repair work. Repair work involves injecting a resin, which is scientifically created into the crack and then curing this resin with UV light. The entire process takes less than half an hour, of course the time taken largely depends on the type and size of the damage. Once it is cured, you can drive your auto without any delay.

Once process is complete, how does the windshield look?

Post repairs, nearly 50 to 95% of the crack disappears, depending of course, on the initial magnitude of damage that has occurred, based on which the final result will vary.

Can I repair the crack of a leased vehicle before I return it?

It is always better to repair any cracks or chips on the windshield of a leased vehicle before returning it. Most leasing companies and inspectors bring such vehicles to Hurricane Auto for a final inspection.

Does my insurance cover cost of repairs?

Most insurance companies cover repair costs but if you have some doubts, you can always call us and our customer care executives will be able to help you understand your policy. A simple phone call on 888-11-GLASS will get you expert advice in the area of windshield repairs. Please note that we do not opt for replacement unless we rule out repairs completely. Therefore, you do not lose much by calling us and seeking our advice, which is freely available.

What is the usual timeframe for windshield installation?

Usually, windshield installation takes up to two hours, out of which, the first hour is the actual installation of the windshield and the second hour is for curing, as no vehicles are allowed on road without proper curing of the adhesive that holds the windshield.

What is OEM?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is a term used to denote parts that are certified genuine manufacturer parts. In other words, these are the same as the parts with which you got your car in the first place. It is important to realize that the brand of glass used does not really matter but what matters is that installation is done properly and the glass fits well. However, certain companies require original parts and therefore one has to cater to them

Does making an Auto Glass claim on my Comprehensive insurance increase the rates?

while this is a question that you should ask your insurance company, it has been seen in the past that insurance companies normally do not adjust insurance rates on the basis of comprehensive claims, more importantly, they cannot.

Is it possible to install a windshield in bad weather?

While only an expert technician can determine, on the basis of exact conditions, whether it is possible or not, it is safe to say that in some cases, this can be done. However, if there is heavy snow or rain or extreme winds or cold weather then it could cause some problems with installation. Seeking the advice of experts before attempting it is always advisable.

What are the criteria involved in ensuring that the repair business is trustworthy?

When choosing a repair company, the following three issues are non negotiable:

1. Presence of trained and certified technicians

2. Use of Products that have been certified to meet FMVSS standards

3. All instructions with respective to adhesives are followed and that insurance is accepted and adequate.

Insurance Related

Whom should I call first – Hurricane Auto or my Insurer?

If you call us first, then we can check your insurance and process your claim with the insurance company. However, if you call the insurance company first then you will have to do the entire process for adjusting your claim. Moreover, it may be possible that you will not really get our services as it depends on the insurance company. However, if you want our services, then you should clearly state in your claim to the insurance company that you want our services.

What type of damages to Auto Glass does insurance cover?

All kinds of damages to Auto glass are covered by insurance, which covers not only windshields but all kinds of vehicle glass. While the comprehensive section covers damages due to hazards and vandalism, the collision section covers road accidents.

Does making an Auto Glass claim on my Comprehensive insurance increase the rates?

while this is a question that you should ask your insurance company, it has been seen in the past that insurance companies normally do not adjust insurance rates on the basis of comprehensive claims, more importantly, they cannot.

How do I start the process of making an auto glass claim?

Call our customer care representative on 713-941-1391 and we shall take your claim forward

Do I have to pay or will you claim the bill directly from the insurance company?

in order to ease your burden, we usually process your claim and get paid by the insurance company. However, if there are any deductibles then you will have to pay those at the time of our service. In case you find the deductible too high, then do not worry as we can work out a plan by which the entire repair will not cost you a dime.

Which are the insurers that waive comprehensive deductible when windshields are repaired instead of being replaced?

While most insurers waive comprehensive deductibles for repairs, it is advisable to contact us on 713-941-1391 and we will help you find out about your insurer’s policies with respect to repairs, without putting any obligation on you.

Is Hurricane Auto a participating vendor with insurers, at least most of them?

The answer is yes and we have a good standing with most insurers and their networks and are a participant in their networks. However, if you want our services, then you will have to clarify it to your insurer as rival glass companies will also be on their lists.

Fleet Services

Is there a difference in the type of glass installed and does it mater?

Yes it there is a difference and it does matter. OEM replacement glass and after market replacement glass are the two widely used types. OEM glass meets the original specifications mentioned by car manufacturers and fits your vehicle perfectly, which may or may not be the case with after market replacement glass.

What does OEM stand for and what does it mean?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, which means that these were the materials used when the car or automobile was first manufactured. In other words, an OEM replacement glass will perfectly fit the automobile as it is made to the same standards of manufacture and inspection as the original one.

All types of glass are the same right?

No, there are various types of glass, including the after market manufacturers, which are cheaper than the OEM glass but in the long run they turn out to be more expensive. The incidences of scratches, air bubbles, bumpiness and inconsistent edges are more in this type of glass and this is the reason why we do not use such glass in our replacement works.

What is your breakage rate?

The national average breakage rate is about 6% but we strive to have the lowest as we provide the best in terms of quality of service. Good quality service leads to fewer breakages and even fewer replacements while low quality service means more replacements.

Our purchasing department insists on accepting the cheapest bid, is that acceptable?

Cheapest bids often mean low quality service, which means you pay later in terms of higher breakage rates, unreliable service, increased down time of vehicle and slower pace of service response. Instead it would make sense to get quality service, which is worth every penny you pay and lasts longer.

Can you still help if my claims are to be processed through a leasing or maintenance management company?

Yes we can help you in processing your claims through such leasing or maintenance management company. Most fleet owners feel the need for such companies and if you are one such company, then do not hesitate to call us. We shall handle all the paperwork and process within hours of your call as we are authorized suppliers of several such companies like ARI, PHH, GE Fleet Services, Enterprise Fleet Services, Wheels and many others.

If you have more queries than the ones answered above, do feel free to call us. Our representatives are ever ready to respond to your queries and ensure you get the best service.