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Insurance and Fleet Companies

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Insurance and Fleet Companies

Unique Selling Points of Hurricane Auto

Quick Response Time

We provide instant service, where our work is completed either on the same day or at the most within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment

Free Mobile Service

We value your time and commitments and therefore provide ready service at your home or office and do not charge for such service.

Single Call Service

through our computerized systems we can provide you with details regarding the store closest to you as well as schedule your appointment simultaneously.

Original Parts and Expert Technicians

At Hurricane Auto, we pride ourselves in using the best and only OEM parts where practical so that customers are satisfied with the final result. Moreover, our technicians are experts in the field with several years of experience.

Safety and Security is our Priority

We use top quality parts and material and our installation process strictly adheres to the US standards as we make your safety and security our priority and ensure that no harm comes to you due to accidents.

National Insurance programs are supported

We are well equipped to process claims from almost all insurance companies, especially as we have our own national call center, affiliate service locations network, EDI and paperless billing techniques as well as automated auditing of claims, which make it easy for us to process your claims.

Here to stay

having been here for more than 35 years, all we can say is that we shall live to witness our lifetime warranty given to our goods.