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Types of Auto Glass

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  • Types of Auto Glass

Types of Auto Glass

There are three main types of glass used for windshields, namely,

1. Original Equipment Manufactured or OEM or Factory Glass: This is the highest and probably the best quality glass available, which exactly matches the specifications required by automobile manufacturers. In other words, this glass matches the exact standards of the original glass used when you bought your car.

2. Factory Equivalent: This glass is similar to the OEM but is called equivalent as it is not the glass that is originally used by car manufacturers. In other words, OEM glass also gets supplied to car manufacturers, while factory equivalent glass does not. However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to OEM, then Factory equivalent should be your choice.

3.Generic: This is glass that is not so high in quality and neither is it equal to the original glass but this is cheaper than the other two and is made by companies both domestic and international.

Noticeable Differences in the Quality of Glass

Most people feel that difference in quality means difference in thickness without realizing that this is not the main point of difference, especially when it comes to auto glass. Windshields, as we all know, have a particular shape, a curvature, which is absolutely essential for a perfect fit and this is where high quality and low quality glass differ. It is pertinent to note here that even if the size is not an exact fit,installers will help ensure that it fits perfectly and further that all types of glass are safe and have concurred with federal regulations for manufacture.

Which type of Glass should you choose?

Choice of Auto glass largely depends on how you view your car and other requirements like budget, especially because most people do not really know about the actual difference in the various types of glass. We at Hurricane Auto believe in providing the best in terms of quality and safety and therefore recommend either the OEM or the factory equivalent auto glass for replacement. An added incentive for choosing these types at Hurricane Auto is that you need not really worry about paying too much as the price difference between these types and generic glass is a mere $25 to $45.

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Do understand that time taken for replacement is usually dependent on the type of adhesive used as well as the weather and the workmanship of the installer. Therefore, do ensure to ask about the time frame while asking for an estimate.